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About Us

Espa Sogutma Ltd. Sti. established in 1987 and then took the place in HVAC/R sector.

Espa Sogutma Ltd. Sti. which is selling the Heating- Refrigeration- Air Conditioning Equipments imports around 30 brands and present them for using of Turkish manufacturers.

All the products imported by our company have international quality certificates and high-quality. By the our company principle, our company presented the quality believed goods to the Turkish manufacturers, contributes to improve the quality of the productions of Turkish manufacturers.

Espa Sogutma Ltd. Sti. which is growing up on a regular basis from the establishment and until now, as a natural result of this growth, put Istanbul office into service to HVAC/R industry in 2003.

In order to improve our service quality to our customers, in 2014, opening 4000 m2 showroom, storage as well as producton area in Tuzla Industrial Zone (İ.T.O.S.B.) present service facility to all customers as well as the customers in Anatolia side in Turkey.

With our building in İ.T.O.S.B., we can present our best services with our best conditions and easy transportation in Anatolia side of Istanbul.

Our company presented the high quality service to the customers with our Ankara and Istanbul offices, is the one of the most important suppliers of Turkish manufacturers and sellers of the spare parts.

All the sales team of Espa Sogutma Ltd. Sti. are mechanical engineers. Thanks to this, our company also present the technical support to our customers.

In addition, our LETT brand, which is produced with the knowledge and experience of our engineers, has taken its place in the refrigeration sector in 2008 as a Turkish brand.

LETT products are used by manufacturers in many countries including Turkey, Europe, Middle East, Russia, Ukraine and Azerbaijan.

We as a company continue serving to our customers by providing our long year experience and knowledge and high technology of our universal brands which we represent.