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FSL T Series Blast Freezers

FSL T Series Blast Freezers
FSL T Series Blast Freezers
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  • Marka: Friterm
  • Model: FSL T Serisi Şok Dondurucular

The capacity of FSL T Series Blast Freezers is between 8.3 kW and 62.7 kW.



• FRITERM blast freezers, produced in 4 types as H series, S series, T series and K series, have a wide capacity range of 6.2 kW - 56.7 kW under -35°C room and -40°C evaporation conditions.

• Lamella spacing is 12 mm for all models

• The circuit is designed to be suitable for very low fluid pressures as a requirement of shocking applications.

• Blast Freezers are designed in such a way that 3-6 m/sec free air velocity can be obtained in the room with its own width.

• The battery circuit is arranged in accordance with R 404A and R 22 refrigerants.

• Capacities are given for R 404A. High efficiency batteries include:

• Aluminum lamellas,

• 5/8" diameter copper tube battery,

• Input and output connections are from the side.

• Refrigerant distributor,

• Test pressure: 34 bar

• Maximum operating pressure: 21 bar,

• Delivery under Positive Pressure,

• Pressure control valve,

• Circuitry requiring little refrigerant charge


• Electrostatic powder coated galvanized and stainless steel options are offered for cassettes. Stainless steel cassette shock freezers are mostly used in hygienic environments.

• Intermediate drainage pan that cuts the air bypass is applied.

• Insulated double-walled pan is used as standard.

• Fan section can be separated from battery section in S and H series.

• Steel feet make it easy to place the product on the ground during transportation.


• EBM Papst or equivalent fans with Ø630 and Ø710 mm blade diameters, three-phase (400 V AC, 50 Hz, 1400 rpm) high efficiency and high pressure are used.

• Motor protection IP 54, insulation class F

• Operating range - 40°C / +60°C

• Closed lubrication-free motor

• Fan protection in accordance with safety standards

• The fan section can be disassembled and reassembled if needed during transportation and placement.


• Electric defrost system is used in Blast Freezers. Coil, Drain pan, fan and drainage line defrost system are standard. Thanks to this system, the water that emerges during defrost can be evacuated easily.

• Specially designed water defrost application can be made.