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Horizontal and Vertical Air Cooled Universal Condensers

Horizontal and Vertical Air Cooled Universal Condensers
Horizontal and Vertical Air Cooled Universal Condensers
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  • Marka: Friterm
  • Model: Yatık ve Dik Tip Hava Soğutmalı Üniversal Kondenserler

Next Generation FCH / FCV Industrial Condenser Design Improvements

• Ø910 mm, Ø800 mm, Ø630 mm and Ø500 mm fan options

• 6 different sound level options for products with Ø500 mm and Ø800 mm fans, and 8 different sound levels for products with Ø630 mm and Ø910 mm fans.

• Different product types from 1 to 14 fans

Friterm Motor Control and Monitoring System (FMC)

FMC Step Control (FMC- S)

FMC Step Control is a control system developed for AC external rotor and standard motors. The basic control unit has 5 stages and it can be increased up to 15 stages in special applications. It ensures uniform running time of the fans in the system and provides a safe operation and service life.

FMC Voltage Control (FMC- V)

FMC Voltage control system is applied in AC external rotor motors. It is the most economical way of fan speed control. This system provides high operating reliability in case of any fan failure thanks to the integrated bypass line. It is not recommended in applications that are sound sensitive and high energy efficiency is required.

FMC Frequency Control (FMC- F)

Frequency inverter is used as power unit in FMC Frequency Control System and is applied in AC standard motors. There is no additional sound from the control. Depending on the number of fans, multiple power units can be applied. In case of failure of any of the power units, the system continues to operate with the bypass feature. Thanks to the continuous modulation of the fan speeds, this system provides significant energy efficiency.

Frequency Control with FMC All pole sinus filter (FMC- F- APSF):

Frequency inverter with all pole sine filter is used as power unit and it is applied in AC external rotor motors. The all pole sine filter is an absolute must for external rotor motors.

FMC EC Control (FMC-EC)

FMC EC Control is applied with high efficiency EC fans. It is the ideal solution in terms of energy efficiency and sound sensitivity.


• Friterm FCH/FCV series condensers are manufactured to be suitable for installation and operation in outdoor conditions without considering additional pressure loss.

• Fans 1 to 4 in single row; They are placed in double rows from 2 to 14.

• Capacity range: 11÷ 1428 kW.

• All models are suitable for horizontal and vertical mounting and airflow.

Battery Specifications

• Confused pipe arrangement,

• Grooved copper tube, aluminum lamella, special for condensers,

• 2.1 - 2.5 mm lamella spacing, other lamella spacing is optional,

• Condensers are suitable for working with R404A, R507, R134A, R407A and R407C fluids and capacities are given according to R404A.

• The contact of the pipes with the mirror sheets is prevented and a long working life without leakage is guaranteed.

• Collectors and input-output connections are copper. There is a bleed/control valve in the inlet collector.

• Standard Test Pressure: 34 bar (PED 2014/68/EU)


• Robust condenser body does not need additional construction for mounting on steel or concrete ground.

• Epoxy polyester-based electrostatic powder coated galvanized steel is used as the casing material, which provides excellent UV and corrosion protection. RAL 7044 is applied as standard color.

• Each fan compartment is separated from the other by sheet metal plates and the reverse rotation effect of the standing fans is prevented.

• All models are equipped with lifting eyes and mounting feet.


• 500 mm in the suction direction in condensers. 630mm. High efficiency ZIEHL-ABEGG, EBM or equivalent fans are used in 800 mm, 910 mm diameters.

- (S) Standard,

- (L) Low Voice,

- (Q) Very Low Voice

- (E) Quiet

• Standard 500/630/ 800/ 910 mm fans 400V 3~50Hz, double speed. Speed-controlled EC fans are optional.

• Variable speed control can be done with all pole sine filter and frequency inverter in external rotor motors.

• All motors have internal protection thermistors. Motor protection class IP 54; insulation class is F.

• The allowable operating temperature range is from -40°C to +50°C / + 65°C. Standard fans can be designed up to +75°C depending on the fan type and operating conditions.

• Different fan and motor options suitable for high operating temperatures are optional.

• Fan blades work in slots shaped to provide the highest amount of air. Protective fan grille is standard.

• Friterm has the right to use different brands of fans. Depending on this situation, there may be partial differences in fan information.


• Sound pressure levels of the products are given in the catalog in accordance with EN 13487 standard.

• While calculating the sound levels, the sound power levels (LwA) given by the fan manufacturers are used.

• Consult an expert in cases where sound levels are critical.


• Mounting feet

• Cable channel

• Intervention covers


• Different lamella spacing options,

• Different lamella material options,

- Coated aluminum fins

- Magnesium alloy aluminum fins

- Copper lamella

• Fully epoxy coated battery

• Stainless pipe

• Stainless cassette

• Stainless collector

• Different color options in the outer coating

• Adiabaticcooling system

- Mesh spraying system

- Low and high pressure direct spraying system

• Power and control panel

• Different speed control options

- Step control

- Voltage control

- Frequency control

- EC control

• Vibration damping wedges

• Different connection types

• Diffuser / Air intake grille

• EC fan

• Main terminal box

• Remote communication protocol (MODBUS)

• Railing / stairs

• High mounting feet

• Different fan and motor options suitable for high operating temperatures

• UV resistant safety switch