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Introduction of Association

Having successfully completed the foundation of its organization, bringing together its assembly, foundation, associations and  exporters union, the hvac-r sector is situated to become a powerhouse of the Turkish economy.

One of the rare sectors that publish a Strategic Plan, hvac-r has determined its vision for 2023 and set out to achieve a domestic and foreign market volume of USD 55 billion.

Strategies and goals of Association;

Having joined forces under the HVAC-R Industry Exporters Association, the companies in this sector now have the ability to make exports more comprehensively, effectively and strongly. The air-conditioning sector, a symbol of quality among Turkish export products, has embarked on a major move forward in both domestic and foreign markets. Our brands are highly sought -after in international markets, and the Turkish air-conditioning sector increases its competitiveness daily with its highly effective Exporters Association.

Introduction of Association

The air conditioning and refrigeration industry, which has emerged in the 1950s in Turkey, developed very quickly. İSKİD was established in 1992 with the contributions of prominent companies in the sector, to conduct work towards achieving sustainable and regulated HVAC&R Industry development in compliance with the world.

 Over 100 member companies are gathering under ISKID's roof to conduct activities for the development of the industry and to produce with high-quality standards.

The objective of ISKID:

To ensure cooperation between the members that are manufacturers and/or importers of climatization, refrigeration and air conditioning devices in Turkey and work on finding solutions for their problems,

To protect the rights of air conditioning consumers and companies on a national and international level;

To conduct activities that will ensure companies are sensitive to the environment while providing for the country’s heating and cooling air conditioner needs and contribute to the country economy. 


To realize strategic plans for the development of the Air Conditioning Industry and the actions that will carry out these strategies in cooperation with the sector and the other stakeholders.


To raise the Air Conditioning Sector to a reputable and leading position both in our country and abroad through its work increasing public life quality, to be sensitive to the environment, innovative, reliable and competitive.


  • To develop the sector’s research-development infrastructure and university-industry cooperation,
  • To encourage the training of a qualified workforce for the sector,
  • To encourage the use of renewable energy resources, high yield products, innovative technologies and applications,
  • To increase activity in the national and international media,
  • To track and update regulations and standards, create specifications when needed, make our market monitoring more effective and prevent unfair competition to maintain a more trustworthy sector image,
  • To reinforce Industry-Government relations,
  • To introduce the good quality Turkish product image to the international market and increase our good reputation;
  • To increase cooperation with international organizations, are among the points of focus that we have embraced.

Derneğin Tanıtım Yazısı

30.12.1997 tarihinde kurulmuştur. Vakfın amacını “Türkiye ısıtma, soğutma, klima sektörünü geliştirmek, Avrupa Birliği’ne uyumunu sağlamak ve üniversite-sanayi işbirliğini gerçekleştirmek” oluşturur. Mesleki kuruluşlar, sosyal ve bilimsel çalışmalar yapan özel ve kamu kuruluşları ile işbirliği ve ortak çalışmalar yaparak sektörümüze hizmet üretilmesi hedeflenmiştir.